Photos: Waded, Finnbar Featherstone

Artspace, Sydney

A tableau vivant presenting the primal substance of blood as a carrier of sustenance and contagion. Two figures lean towards one another over a vessel of water, bleeding into it and staining it red.

Pain and the breaching of skin, central features in the work of senVoodoo, are vehicles to a realm of intense focus. The body under duress engages viewers on a profound level, confronting notions of mortality, contagion, sacrament and the body’s essential fluidity, within the immediacy of the act of bleeding and the blending of blood and water as a symbol of alchemical union and transformation.

Font also refers to the hepatitis C positivity of Fiona McGregor. A potentially fatal blood borne virus imposes a quarantine. The flow of blood in public becomes a graphic assertion of the Self against external and internal boundaries; the couple stretch towards one another, unable to fully join.

senVoodoo was co-founded with AñA Wojak in 1998. Font was the final performance of the duo, bringing a ten year collaboration to a close.