senVoodoo was a performance collective founded in Sydney with visual artist AñA Wojak, active from 1999-2008. Their work was almost always site specific with installation a crucial element. They performed in galleries, theatres, cabarets and parties across Australia, both solo as well as in larger interactive pieces with other artists. They performed live in Poland, and their video and installation work was shown internationally.

Spawned in the fertile ground of Sydney’s alternative party and cabaret culture, senVoodoo evolved an idiosyncratic body-based practise where endurance co-existed with a theatrical aesthetic.

Their work drew from diverse sources both within and without the artistic realm; cross-cultural ritual and spiritual signifiers formed a strong part of their vocabulary.

For millenia iconography of the wounded, bleeding or adorned body has been the location of drama, passion, sacrifice and redemption. It continues to have relevance in these times of plague, war and advanced technologies, which both enhance and deny the primal body.

A selection of their performances can be viewed below.


Photos: Waded, Finnbar Featherstone

Artspace, Sydney

A tableau vivant presenting the primal substance of blood as a carrier of sustenance and contagion. Two figures lean towards one another over a vessel of water, bleeding into it and staining it red.


Photos: Jamie James and others

Dressing For Pleasure

9th Station

The Kiss


Art Con

Sick Little Games