Suck My Toes(1994) – short stories

Scribe – 2013 – ebook
Allen & Unwin – 1995 reprint
McPhee Gribble – 1994 – first edition


This book is a collection of interlinked short stories, many of which won or were shortlisted for prizes. Some have read it as a novel. Scribe have reissued it as an ebook. Follow the link.

‘Thoroughly infused with the sights and sounds of Sydney; its tone is wry, the humour subtle… A second reading could easily be sustained in order to grasp the complex weavings of friendships and histories.’
Gretchen Miller, The Sydney Morning Herald

‘The ten stories in this collection display the author’s gift for sharp observation and an ability to canvas a wide range of emotions. Even McGregor’s most peripheral characters are imbued with humanity, their voices authentic and recognisable. In “Growth”, McGregor’s insights into the complexity of relationships forged in youth and revisited are dazzling.’
Ken Spillman, West Australian

‘Frankness is the keynote of Suck My Toes, where Fiona McGregor hones in on the sad, ridiculous and outrageous aspects of urban life. For all her capacity for black humour and shocking detail, McGregor is excellently attuned to emotion. McGregor goes straight for the jugular; she also goes straight for the heart.’
Veronica Sen, The Canberra Times