Photos: Jamie James and others

June 2008
Arterial (live and video installation)
Experimental Art Foundation
Adelaide, SA

August 29th- September29th, 2007
Arterial (scroll)
Blake Prize for Religious Art
NAS Gallery, Sydney

June 6th, 2006
Arterial (live)
Galeria BWA
Jelenia Gora, Poland

June 3rd, 2006
Arterial – video installation
Galeria Wschodnia
Lódz, Poland

May 26, 2006
Arterial (live)
Galeria Manhattan
Lódz, Poland

May 20 2006
Arterial (live)
Modelarnia, Gdansk Shipyards
Night of European Museums
Gdansk, Poland

May 8-15 2006
Arterial (live)
Interakcje 2006 – International Art Action Festival
Piotrków Tribunalski, Poland

May 3-10 2006
Arterial – video installation
DIAF – Dashanzi International Art Festival
Beijing, China

February 2006
Arterial – video installation
Asia Pacific Video Film Festival
Gallery 4a – Asia Australian Art Centre , Sydney


A roll of paper creates a pathway across the space. A figure appears at either end, shrouded head to foot in white; faceless, disembodied. The only visible flesh is an arm emerging from the fabric, bleeding.

As the figures approach one another the blood drips, leaving a trail on the paper. The hems smear the path of blood, becoming stained. The figures meet in the centre and crumple into one, individually indistinguishable.

Installation – remembrance

The bloodbath on paper became an artwork in itself. In some renditions, it remained as part of the video installation for the duration of the exhibition. In others the video installation with bloodbath was exhibited alone, without the live performance. The video installation featured the performance shown on three screens. Each time it was installed differently depending on the space.